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The Cafecoffees convection rotary drum coffee roaster was developed and manufactured after years of extensive research to allow anyone to custom roast their own green beans.  We manufactured and shipped our first coffee roaster in 2003 and have shipped 1,000s of coffee roasters to satisfied coffee roasters all over the world.  All of our coffee roasters are hand built at our plant in Moorhead, Minnesota with the greatest of care and commitment to quality. Contact Form


TostaCaffe 8 lb. Commercial and Coffee Roaster Owner, Timothy Childs,

Founder of Tcho.Com, San Francisco, CA

"Performance from our first TostaCaffe coffee roaster was so good we purchased 20 more units for our operations in North and South America.

With a total of 24 units we are in a position to roast not only cocoa beans but also coffee beans for our exclusive clientele.  Unlike most chocolate companies we do not simply re-melt our chocolate but create our own chocolate through world wide search of cocoa bean growers for just the right cocoa beans.

New Welding on Drums and Components


TostaCaffe pictures 

by Suzi Morris


New Welding on Stainless Steel Drums and Components


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