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Why all the electric cords?  Cafecoffees was the first to introduce electric roasting with more than one 20 amp circuit, 2 circuits is twice the power of one circuit and nearly the power of 220 volts without hiring an electrician to install a 220 volt outlet.  However, if you a 220 volt upgrade wiring option is available on some custom built coffee roasters manufactured by Cafecoffees.com.
Why the coffee bean lifting vanes?  Cafecoffees was the first to install lifting vanes in a tabletop coffee bean roaster which very effectively circulates the beans for an even roast.
What's with the halogen array?  Halogen lamp bulbs are instant on and off, when on hit temperatures of 1600 F. while the older style wire wound or ceramic coated heating elements are just beginning to heat up to 200 degrees F.  This means much more control
throughout the roast process, beginning to end.  Halogen arrays are scalable in wattage with lamp bulbs of 150 watts, 300 watts, 500 watts, 750 watts, and 1000 watts.  The halogen light also provides some indication of bean roast color even though the infrared heating portion of the halogen light spectrum is as high as 98%

What's the difference in Open or Closed Coffee Roaster Design?  All of the coffee roasters built by Cafecoffees.com are open architecture design, this means easier to clean and maintain.  All of the gas powered Chinese built coffee roasters which are the majority of coffee roasters sold in the States at this time are closed design or architecture, almost impossible to clean and become worthless once a bean fire takes hold.  Insurance companies won't cover the fire loss on Chinese built coffee roasters.
What Can You Roast?  We recently shipped a coffee roaster to a customer for roasting chestnuts.  Most popular is roasting coffee beans and cocoa beans followed by peanuts, flax seed, seseme seeds, sunflower seeds.


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