PerfectRoast II Digital Control Panel

Available as roast control option for the Micro TostaCaffe 

4 lb. coffee roaster for an additional $650.00, for Mini 

TostaCaffe 6 lb. coffee roaster, for the TostaCaffe 

8 lb. and TostaCaffe Ultra Coffee Roaster add $650.


PerfectRoast I Digital Control Panel Available for $500

Similar to PerfectRoast II without Ramp/Soak and RS485


1. Dual 4-Digit LED Display

2. 8 Ramp/Soak Programs, 8 Segments Each

3. Universal Inputs

4. Autotune

5. Dual Control Outputs

6. RS485 Communications Standard for Computer Display

7. Alarm Functions

8. Free Computer Software