Halogen Lamp/Bulb Installation

1. Before installing or reinstalling halogen lamp/bulb, disconnect lamp power cord.  Avoid directly contact with lamp surface during installation, fingerprint oils will shorten halogen lamp lifetime.  Fingerprints may be removed with cloth and alcohol.

2. If you have recently installed a new halogen lamp/bulb and the lamp/bulb doesn't work,  reinstall lamp/bulb.  The lamp power terminals must be centered properly in the lamp/bulb for the lamp/bulb to work properly.  If the lamp bulb is loose in the fixture tighten the fixture by lightly pushing the lamp fixture ceramic end into the lamp bulb end - this will tighten a loose fitting lamp bulb.

3.  Halogen lamp/bulbs should have a lifetime of approximately 2,000 hours.  Handling methods may alter this lifetime.

4. 500 Watt halogen lamp bulbs are sold in most home improvement stores.  Acceptable lamp bulbs are manufactured by Sylvania, General Electric, or FEIT.  Not acceptable are lamp bulbs marketed by Harbor Freight.  Heavy duty or rough service lamp bulbs may perform at lower wattage than indicated on the package by as much as 20%.  Choose standard 500 watt replacement halogen bulbs or those that are not indicated as Heavy Duty or Rough Service.  A heavy duty or rough service 500 watt halogen may only consume 420 watts vs. the advertised 500 watts resulting in longer roast times.