Coffee Roaster Upgrade Program   This coffee roaster upgrade program is designed to provide upward production mobility with compensation for exchanges of previously owned small batch roasters towards the purchase price of a larger batch roaster.  Compensation can be in the form of discounts for exchange of the older smaller coffee roaster against the purchase price of the newer larger roaster or outright discounts depending on the size and price of the larger coffee roaster to be purchased.  This program has been developed in response to concerns of individuals beginning small batch roasting for coffee shops with rapidly growing demands not easily met with the original coffee roaster purchase, whether it be an AeroRost II two pound or the Micro TostaCaffe 4 lb. coffee roaster.  For owners of AeroRost II, Micro TostaCaffe, Mini TostaCaffe, or TostaCaffe interested in participating in the upgrade program you may contact us via email at