The TostaCaffé™ rotary drum coffee roaster has been developed, after years of extensive research, so that anyone can custom roast their own green coffee beans, using the same basic principles used by commercial roasters.


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 3100 Watt TostaCaffé™ Time Temperature Study

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TostaCaffé™  8 lb. Coffee Roaster 

w/ Stainless Steel Cool Down Pan


Red, Blue, Black or Stainless Steel


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Green Coffee Beans




Includes Cooling Pan Power Module





 Check out these TostaCaffe' 8 lb. Coffee Roaster Features!!!


3100 watt TostaCaffe 8 lb. coffee roaster with powered cool down pan for cooling beans in as little as 2 minutes.  Roasts from 1 to 8 pounds of coffee beans at once, optional PefectRoast™ Digital Control Panel with PID, RAMP/SOAK  New water drum injection water quenching option cools drum inside coffee roaster for easy removal.


Remove beans 2 minutes after 1st crack for light, 3 minutes after 1st crack for dark, 4 minutes after 1st crack for full city plus.  Cost to Roast, 10 cents per batch


Isolated coffee roaster drum power switch and variable timer with automatic shutoff at end of roast cycle, for operating tips see movies.


Tempered Glass Viewing Window Allows Tracking of Bean Color Through Roast Cycle.


Roasting Drum 8 inches in diameter by 16 inches in length with Patented Stirring Vanes for an even roast.


5/32 inch drum perforation size allows roast of both small and large beans and facilitates chaff removal with removable chaff pan.


Table Top Size, 24 Inches in Length, 18 Inches Deep, 15 Inches High without Exhaust


Requirement is regular household power at 115/117 v.a.c.


Method of Roast is Dual Heat, one internal 1600 ceramic heating element with 3 each 500 watt internal halogen heat lamps for roasting and illumination.  Lamp/Bulb Lifetime is 2,000 hours with 3 extra lamp/bulbs included with shipment.  
12. Exhaust system is powered by a Cyclone Venturi powered induction draft system and control of fan RPM's via  Puffer variable speed module.   Exhaust system decibel rating from 55 dB on the lowest setting to 68 at the highest setting, measurement taken one meter from exhaust.  Decibel Rating Table.


Monitoring of roast temperature achieved through internal drum bean digital temperature probe with alarm setting to monitor bean temperature through entire roast cycle.  Printable Coffee Roaster Log Forms.
14. One year warranty on workmanship and materials.
15. Be informed of local commercial environmental codes concerning roasting and required compliance according to local food preparation and business codes.


Optional PefectRoast™ Digital Control Panel to facilitate production roasting.
  Roast by Wire USB data acquisition module available as an option to the TostaCaffe' for real time computer charting and logging of roast cycles with one line of data including bean temperature.   This module includes Windows based strip charting and logging software compatible with Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98.  Roast by Wire USB module is available for the TostaCaffe' for an additional $155.